Available 6/16/15


Alternative Reality – A Disco Thang – DJ DLG Lazor Disco Mix

[Available 5.22.15 Exclusively on Beatport!]

Early this year Alternative Reality kickstart the funk on Prompt Digital with, “A Disco Thang” featuring the lovely, Sheila Martin. Making its way through promo packs via torrents & blogs. A Disco Thang slowly, but surely found its way onto DJ sets across the globe.. Having said that, Prompt Deegee proudly presents “A Disco Thang: The Remixes”. In this remix suite the funk and true essence of House Music is captured by the talented mixes provided by, Netherlands own Tief Traum, Chicago’s Buck 77 (though his name is fairly new, he reeks of rich House Music history), and a special guest remix by DJ DLG [MOS, Dim Mak, MixMash and his imprint Lazor Music]. If DJ DLG is not a familiar name by now, then it’s time to pull away from the facades. Each remix brings its own personality starting with, Tief Traum’s Deep House mix. Tief’s humble vibes intertwined with his sexy, funky grooves can be heard all over his remix; further more complementing the lovely Sheila Martin’s voice. Buck 77 is a Chicago House Music veteran whom in his mix, showcases his deep embedded roots of Chi-Town’s Disco/House movement. Finally we get to our special guest remixer, DJ DLG. In his Lazor Disco Mix, DJ DLG gets in touch with his roots and puts together a remix with the fundamentals that had made him a household name.

Release date: May 22, 2015
Label: Prompt Digital 


DJ DLG – Energy EP [LAZOR36]

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