“Music is something I have loved all my life. I was raised on the sounds of the late 70’s and early 80’s Disco / New Wave. When I’m producing in the studio, if the music is right, it completely takes over. I feel it deep in my soul. This music is about each and every one of us finding that moment deep in ourselves and letting go, forgetting about our troubles, and living in the moment.” —DJ DLG

As an ever-evolving artist, DJ DLG has proven to be an innovative artist & producer who releases an intrepid style of music.   With productions in such genres as synthwave, french touch, disco-house, progressive, and downtempo, DLG enjoys challenging himself in the studio to break away from “what is expected” of his sound.

“Creativity really takes a life of its own when you are writing music. The parts and pieces start to fit together like a puzzle. “ – DJ DLG

DJ DLG has also produced in collaboration with Erick Morillo, Laidback Luke, Dave Armstrong, Kinch, Geyster, AR and Giorgio Moroder.  With a range of remixes incorporating Steve Angello, Kelis, Donna Summer, Michael Gray, and Outwork,  and others.

DJ DLG’s dedication and ability to experiment in the various areas of music production and composition have lead to appearances on such labels as Ministry of Sound, Interscope, Sony, Universal, Hed Kandi, Subliminal, Lazor Music, Kontor and many others.

DLG has a strong French heritage, which inspires him to this day, with his humble beginnings as a MS-DOS PC tracker in the early 1992 working with Scream Tracker, Impulse Tracker and Fast Tracker , he eventually leared the craft of DJ’ing when he bought his first turntables in 1996 and developed an extensive vinyl collection.  DLG initially began his sound production in 1992, evolving to his own music style in 2002 with the release of “Head Funk”.  In 2004 DLG released the “Epiphany EP”  vinyl series spanning 4 releases. DLG has always been inspired by his 80’s childhood and has been releasing syntwave style music long before the genre existed for example his 2004 song “Got Soul” Another notable track from that time was “Your Eyes“.  In 2008 DLG released “Paramount” with Ministry of Sound. In 2009, he released “Where Are You Now” with Erick Morillo which was featured on Pete Tong’s “Essential Selection” as the Essential New Tune and received 4 weeks of consistent play support. DLG  he has continued perfecting his sound with numerous releases. Lately DLG has been focused on releasing original music on his own record label Lazor Music